hello there!

just to clear things up: i really do love cats and crafts and art.

i have studied everything from painting, ceramics, animation, photography, to music recording. i was a student at bennington college, until i had a mid-college-crisis. i still go to school but i decided to focus on art as something to do in my free time, rather than a major.

so on top of being a crafter, i am a full time student. which means i'm broke, stressed, and don't have enough time (like most everybody else). but this is exactly why i love art! most of my projects are cheap, easy, and not time or labor intensive. i find 80 percent of my supplies at a thrift store or around the house.

(above is me and my adorable, 18 pound feline friend, named mr. kitty. you'll being seeing a lot of him. he is the best cat in the whole world)

there are two main reasons i made this blog:

one: i love the online crafts community but i always found myself looking, rather than doing. this was my motivation to step up and make things, rather than just looking.

two: i wanted a place to share my crafts with my lovely friends and family who live in other parts of the country.

let the good ideas roll!