11/24/11. a study of jelly fish.

11/23/11. boston, ma.

11/17/11. putney, vermont.
elephant tree + friends, putney mountain

over done, had to do it

i over packed for one night

11/7/11. cute cat of the day.

this cat eats pizza, among other things

  11/5/11. weekend trip to portsmouth, nh.

friends. friendly toast, portsmouth.

bridge from portsmouth to kittery,  maine.

live free or die

fort stark

10/24/11. cute cat picture of the day.

(prepare to cry)

(i warned you)

10/22/11. cute cat picture of the day.

gracie the cat, hails from potsmouth, new hampshire.

10/16/11. cute cat picture of the day. 

10/15/11. some interior love.

round up.

 bennington college mugs
book bag basket

narragansett beer.

my secret drawer of hip things

the animals