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12/9/11. a year in videos part two!
more weirdness from behind the lens, candid moments of my life with people i love. i really like making these quick montages.

11/10/11. gorgeous, stunning, natural pastels.

i discovered this beautiful fashion line while reading the the new york times today. in full disclosure, i'm not that sophisticated, it was probably one of three times i've ever read the nyt. nonetheless i thought these clothes were beautiful, which is a pretty significant statement as i do not have a fashionable bone in my body. it's true. i wear the same thing everyday like a cartoon.

11/10/11. omg.


11/8/11. giraffes? giraffes!

i saw these guys twice this weekend and they were amazing.

giraffes? giraffes! are math rock, and they rock. they played middlebury, vt and burlington, vt and both shows were incredible. both members are so talented i could barely dance because i got hypnotized watching them play.

oh yeah and the drummer has this set up

the drummer was absolutely incredible. hands down one of the best drummers i have ever seen live. he used a xylophone, a violin bow to play the cymbols, some sort of weird bell wind chime, and a whole lot of energy.

i was transfixed.

check out there new album pink magick.
all of the tracks are awesome but if you ever have a chance see them live! click here to link over to their bandcamp and take a listen.

11/7/11. yep.


10/23/11. a year in videos.

this is a video i put together of my life. last year i switched from my rebel xsi to my t1i becuase i always felt an overwhelming need to capture the candid moment of my life. since i am a nerd and always have my camera by my side, it was easy to capture true candid moments. most of my friends have stopped paying attention when i hold on my camera. these are those moments.

10/18/11. fisheye adapter lens. 

photojojo is an awesome site if you are like me and love techy, kitchy, or fun photography items. last year i bought a wide lens adapter for my canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, and i was sadly less than impressed with the pictures it took. but photojojo's service was amazing and all of their other items are fantastic, so i am not dissuaded from trying again.

here is my newest obsession:

it's a fisheye adapter lens that can pretty much attach to any lens on a dslr. the site says that the perfect circle created above was taken on the wider part of a 18-55mm lens. i have always wanted a fisheye but didn't want to pay the couple hundred dollars for a digital lens or settle for a plastic film camera (although i have heard they are a ton of fun). but this adapter is only 50 dollars!

i've decided: i am getting this within the month!
update to follow.

10/15/11. drunk history.

a montage of my friend cloot trying his hardest to talk about andrew jackson. sturgeon face for the win.

10/15/11. dinosaur planter.

what an absolutely marvelous and cheap idea. i always have an ever growing list of things i am on the lookout for in the salvation army and good will and now i have another to add: giant dinosaurs.

must. get. gold. spray. paint. . . immediately

Tutorial found here