suitcase chronicles

i love to take weekend trip; some of my best friends are scattered all around new england. i go to visit, see the sights, and see my friends. i try to only bring as much as i can fit in my small suitcase which is actually closer to the size of a large briefcase.  i enjoyed packing; knowing i have to pick with care, curating the contents to tailor the place and length of the trip.

on a trip to portsmouth, nh. garlic, nirvana, raybans.

off to brattleboro, vermont. moleskin, mittens and moccasins.

on a trip to peacham, vermont. wirecutters, pesto, and a baby egg.


  1. you're blog is cool. sorry im lame and stalking you. can i make a suggestion as a pretty avid blog reader? i like that you have different sections for each of your different interests but i totes didnt realize there were there the first time i came here. like i thought the love and links page was going to be just links but there was a ton of other cool blog type stuff there too. why not combine everything? aint no shame in other people's crafts mingling with yours. ok ill butt out now.

    kate (YOUR SISTER)

  2. maybe i could have it all be on the home screen, and then in addition i could file the post into the sections. i don't know much about blog templates or any of that. but thats a good suggestion. how did you find me?