ron swanson, more to come

i am one hundred percent addicted to nbc's parks and recreation. i have watch every single episode at least ten times, and i always laugh. i am really lucky that all of my friends like parx as well, that way i can constantly quote it without being creepy.

the other day during a typical 7 episode mini-marathon in my living room, i decided that for the halloween season i would pay tribute to my favorite show by carving a pumpkin with my favorite character on it: ron swanson.

ron and his love of meat:

unfortunately (or fortunately, for the sake of being creative) their weren't really any ron swanson stencils out there. so i had to make one.

here is a styalized version of the stencil:

i had an awesome time making the stencil and carving the pumpkin (i also baked the pumpkin seeds after, what a treat). i'll post the pumpkin in the stencil once i take the pictures off my camera. i was just too excited not to share this right away.

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  1. This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen on the internet.