ron swanson stencil!

this is a follow up to a recent post i made about my love for the show parks and recreation and my goal to combine the forces of crafting, television, and halloween into one project. i made a ron swanson jack-o-lantern. and although halloween as already come and gone (i was a little late with my posting) this stencil can still be used for any assortment of projects: t-shirts, graffiti, non-halloween pumpkins, and more.

get creative, put on an episode of parx, and find good use for this:
mr. swanson

happy belated halloween! here is how my pumpkin turned out.

applying ron to the pumpkin

i used computer paper to print out ron, but you can use any number of heavier papers or materials depending on your project idea. if you were to use this stencil for any type of transfer projects i would recommend printing it out and then tracing it onto clear acetate or cardboard.

what would ron swanson do?


  1. This is the greatest craft project mankind has ever seen

  2. i cant wait to stencil some ron swanson real soon! i vote for tom haverford if you're considering a follow up stencil :)

  3. there will definitely be a tom haverford in the future! followed by an andy.

  4. and janet snakehole!
    this is turning into a series.
    i'll make a new one soon!

  5. How would I use this stencil (to spray paint onto a t-shirt or something) would I cut
    Out all of the black parts?

  6. AWESOME! My son loves Ron so this is a great project to do and surprise him!